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Application Process for Recognition

The application for recognition of a dental specialty and or dental specialty certifying board is based on the ADA’s Requirements for Recognition of Dental Specialties and National Certifying Boards for Dental Specialists. 

Recognition by the National Commission is a voluntary process. A sponsoring organization and/or certifying board that is applying for recognition may withdraw its Application for Recognition at any time prior to the National Commission taking action to either grant or deny recognition.  Sponsoring organizations and certifying boards wishing to seek recognition by the National Commission, must contact the National Commission office for an application and the current fee schedule.

Guidelines for Submitting Comments

What Communities of Interest Must Consider 
The National Commission expects that all organization and individuals bringing business in front of the National Commission will act with integrity and decorum and demonstrate honesty and integrity at all times.

During the public comment period of the recognition process, interested parties

  • must provide factual comments based on compliance with the Requirements for Recognition 
  • must refrain from making disparaging and/or unprofessional comments about other organizations and/or individuals
  • must refrain from making comments that are false, unprofessional/disparaging about the National Commission, the American Dental Association, any of the recognized dental specialty sponsoring organizations/certifying boards and the applicant organization

If the National Commission believes that an individual and/or organization has submitted false, unprofessional and/or disparaging comments, the National Commission will consider the submission a violation of its Policy on Integrity and may disregard the entire submission. The National Commission also reserves the right to report egregious violations of the ADA’s Professional Conduct Policy to the Executive Director of the ADA if the individual is an ADA member in good standing.  

Guidelines for Submitting Public Comments

After the respective Review Committee has made the determination that an application contains all of the required documentation, the National Commission will invite public comment on the applicant’s compliance with the Requirements for Recognition of Dental Specialties and National Certifying Boards for Dental Specialists for a sixty (60) day period.

All comments must be objective and pertain only to the applicant’s compliance to the Requirements for Recognition. The National Commission will disregard comments that are not related to the Requirements for Recognition. Comments that are not objective and/or include Protected Health Information (PHI)/ Personally Identifiable Information (PII), violate the American Dental Association’s Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct or contain unprofessional remarks will be disregarded. If the National Commission receives form letters with duplicate content signed by different individuals, the letters will be counted as one letter signed by multiple submitters. Please see National Commission Policy on Third Party Comments. 

To better assist the communities of interest with interpreting the Requirements for Recognition of Dental Specialties and providing comments on applications for recognition, the National Commission has developed the following guidelines to assist individuals and/or organizations with public comments.